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JMC Global Contacts

Kelly Morgan - President Hospitality Group

Linda Crawley - CEO

Becca Huehlefeld - Pricing

JMC Global's Wall of Fame

You (India Cudd, JMC Employee) are awesome, thank you! And it's really calming peoples nerves to have this many updates! You're the best - thanks again!!
– Jennifer Terry, Hospitality Purchasing Consultants

I am thrilled you have our back. The project got a gift when we got you.
– Verna Kureghian, Kureghian Associates

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You guys all do such a GREAT job ~ we are so happy working with JMC!
– Jennifer Terry, Hospitality Purchasing Consultants

You and your team are terrific to have as ‘partners’ and I appreciate all that you do.It’s a treat to work with someone as organized, efficient and responsive as you.
– Deborah Brown, Mark David

Thanks again for doing an awesome job! We received every piece of furniture that we ordered. I’m glad I found you. You do understand logistics for hotels.
– Cyndi Ballard, H.P Solutions Inc

JMC Reports are the best! My project managers, purchasing staff and I use these reports every day. I personally keep their detailed project report in the front seat of my car.”
– Rob Auerbach, Innkeepers

This is absolutely the best service (and communication especially) that we’ve ever received from a shipping company. I am so please with the swiftness and efficiency of your company – all the ‘details’ fell into place with very little stress on our part.”
– Sharlene Boyle, 505 Imports

I trust the JMC Global network model. Their people are the best in the industry. Start with that and finish with their customer vision of the power of customer networks and you have a winner.”
– Ken Moore, Hyundai Merchant Marine

The big mult-national 3PL’s cannot serve us effectively. JMC Global gives us a customized approach and innovative customer service.”
– Mark Norcross, Mark David

We believe that JMC Global is a customer service force in the transportation industry, and providing us with the highly personalized service we need – they allow us to focus on our customers.”
– Gus Sarf, GS Associates

I just want to thank you for performing a minor miracle over the past week in getting my furniture delivered to Maine. It all arrived without a hitch and was installed perfectly.
– Kathryn Burns, New England Development