JMC Global is
the elite customer service provider
to the logistics industry

JMC Global Contacts

Kelly Morgan - President Hospitality Group

Linda Crawley - CEO

Becca Huehlefeld - Pricing


About JMC Global

JMC Global has achieved an outstanding reputation as a customer service driven logistics company specializing in project management.

JMC has provided solutions for leading commercial clients, and in addition, JMC Global is also working with leading suppliers doing business in the Middle East, Guam, China, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe and Russia. JMC Global employs a worldwide network of experienced, industry-savvy professionals. Our organizational makeup includes consultants, technology personnel and top-tier logistics veterans who are capable of delivering exceptional service and creative logistics solutions. Many of JMCGL’s staff have lived and worked overseas, and have extensive backgrounds in logistics and/or technology.

Our underlying business philosophy is distinctive to the logistics industry, providing collaborative tools and configurable execution systems to ensure success and create value for the customer.