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[SPRING, TEXAS –Feb 15, 2016]

JMC Global is proud to announce the addition of Patrick Dolan to our family as Vice President of Business Development. Patrick brings more than thirty years’ logistics experience to the table, with the past fourteen in Hospitality. An expert in Hospitality FF&E, he further specializes in warehousing and install. Pat’s genial temperament, can-do attitude, and stick-to-it-ive-ness are a perfect fit with JMC. His customers love him, we get along great with him, and we are more than pleased he is joining us.

Along with Patrick comes the opening of our Orlando office. This strategic location will improve our ability to service the Southeast Florida and Caribbean markets. In addition to our regional locations in Seattle and Dallas, JMC’s headquarters have recently moved into larger offices near Houston, Texas, to allow for current and future growth and scalability.

Houston, TX (December 16, 2015)

Elite hospitality logistics firm JMC Global has announced the appointment of Morgan as the company's President of Hospitality Group.

has over 25 years experience in the industry. She joined JMC Global 12 years ago, after several years in perishable logistics and perishable trading. Over the years, she has accumulated an invaluable stockpile of relationships, information, and experience in the logistics industry.

She brings to her role a wealth of knowledge regarding imports, exports, foreign-to-foreign, domestic freight, air, ocean, letters of credit, and customs. ’s experience with perishables and hotels has taught her the urgency of meeting deadlines. After more than two decades in the industry, 's passion for her job continues to grow.

Prior to being promoted to President of the Hospitality Group, served as Executive Vice President of Business Development at JMC Global. She replaces John Crawley, who has assumed the role of COO.

" brings the expertise and track record of a successful sales executive, along with the hands-on business experience of a seasoned operations general manager," said John. "Her strong combination of skills and experience is an important element of JMC Global’s success in the hospitality segment, and will further strengthen our executive management team."

is honoured to have been offered the position. "I've worked with the JMC team a long time now, and we've watched the business change a lot. I intend to lead our company as we continue to innovate, and adapt in, this fast-paced industry." She added, "With JMC Global, you can expect our complete dedication to you and your project. It’s our project, too. Our goal is to make you look good by delivering on time and under budget when possible. We strive to find creative ways to save you and your client money. When we are told that something cannot be done, we simply don’t believe that to be true. We look for alternatives to meet your needs. If all else fails, send in the bulldog. That’s JMC Global."

[SPRING, TEXAS – July 20, 2015]

JMC Global Launches a New Extension in their Line of Logistic Management Solutions

JMC Global, LLC, the premier logistics provider to the hospitality industry, announced today an exciting new extension to their services. Known for providing premier international and domestic logistic and project management services to the project industry, JMC Global is pleased to announce the launch of JMC Solutions. JMC Global Solutions has a broad range of services that support their logistics, warehouse and installation businesses.

JMC Global Solutions serves to expedite replacement furniture with manufacturers by airfreight, ocean or land, as well as offering onsite repair services to artistically restore cased goods to their original condition.

JMC Solutions understands that every hotel project comes with a deadline in essence to meet “the opening.” With every hospitality project comes damaged furniture that could seriously put the project timeline and opening at risk. By offering collaborative tools and systems that expedite processes from production time to transit, JMC Solutions is able to provide their customers with innovative solutions that are essential to their customers’ success.

Their courteous and professional onsite team provides services in any location to include: the removal of packaging marks; filling in dents, cracks, scratches and performing color matching; repairing broken legs, corners, and back panels; fixing chipped marble and granite; adjusting finish color; adjusting doors, drawers and hardware; removing water and heat rings, and repairing damage to leather tops. Additionally, they are capable of completing faux finishing, leafing, antiquing, and highlighting; suggesting ideas for increased stability to tables or chairs; and are able to use water-based, polyurethane, or pre-cat materials in accordance with the designers specifications.

They are also skilled in furniture repair for wood, upholstery and metal by onsite and offsite repair. Knowing time is of the essence, JMC Solutions offers on site review of needed repairs within 48 hours, an assessment of the estimated repairs, and a timeline for estimated completion of the project. From concealed damage and manufacturing damage to installation damage or a complete loss, JMC Solutions provides quick and efficient solutions.

“We continuously strive to innovate, improve, and excel with each and every project. We only consider ourselves successful when our customers are beyond pleased with our ability to manage the project”, adds Linda Crawley, CEO.

JMC Solutions routinely reviews and evaluated their consumer solutions to assure that they are providing their customers with the best logistics services. By using superior efficiency and performance, real time reporting and outstanding customer service, the company aims to exceed extraordinary systems and overall project management.

[SPRING, TEXAS - July 9, 2015]


Hospitality Purchasing Consultants (HPC) has announced JMC Global as the recipient for the 2014 Supplier Solutions Distinction Award. The HPC team analyzes supplier performance and has selected JMC Global as the company that mirrors HPC’s requirements of innovation and attention to detail for the ultimate customer experience.

JMC Global is a Houston based, licensed freight forwarder that is well known for providing top of the line domestic and international logistics services, along with airfreight, trucking, warehousing, installation, and customs clearance services to commercial clients and other overseas suppliers in the industry.

HPC, a global FF&E as well as OS&E purchasing firm with 9 years FF&E purchasing excellence, has awarded JMC Global it’s Supplier Solutions Distinction Award for 2014 due to their excellent service in the logistics industry. HPC has worked with JMC Global for the past 7 years and has completed over 175 hospitality projects with exceptional results with the help of the company’s excellent services. HPC president, Bill McBain said that the expertise as well as experience of JMC Global team is pre-eminent in the industry.

According to JMC Global President John Crawley, “The concierge logistics offered by the company is what makes JMC Global stand out among their competitors in the market. JMC Global is proud to have an outstanding association with HPC, a worldwide leader in purchasing.”

JMC Global has developed a patented and trademarked logistics process delivering innovative technology, industry expertise as well as exceptional customer services to clients.

JMC Global employs a customer-centric approach as well as innovative shipping techniques to each of the services they offer to clients, setting them apart from the competition. They constantly evaluate and design their customized customer solutions on a global scale which is backed by their commitment to providing customers with best logistics processes. Their logistics process employs superior efficiency and performance, real time reporting and great customer service.

JMC Global has already established its name as one of the industry leaders specializing in project management. For the past 10 years, the company has serviced commercial clients and leading suppliers that are doing business in Southeast Asia, China, The Caribbean, Middle East, Guam, Russia, North America, South America and Europe. The company’s network of professionals is comprised of technology personnel, top-tier logistic veterans and consultants who have wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering creative logistic solutions and exceptional services to clients. Many of the company’s team members have worked overseas, gaining extensive experience in technology and logistics.



PHM Purchasing, a division of Pinnacle Hotel Management (“PHM”), has given recognition to JMC Global, LLC in Logistics Management for excelling in real-time communications, outstanding customer service and meticulous project management. JMC Global shares a philosophy that is distinct to the logistics industry by offering collaborative tools and configurable execution systems, ensuring success and great value for their customers. As the premier customer service provider to the logistics industry, JMC Global has established themselves as an industry leader in the hospitality industry. “JMC Global truly exceeds all of our expectations by using exceptional communication systems and overall project management”, said Director of PHM Purchasing, Brian Saeger. “This is not an easy business. The combination of JMC Global’s technology, people and creativity allow me and my organization to focus on the key elements critical for the success of each project.”

PHM Purchasing is a highly respected leader in the hospitality industry. They use specific criteria and the highest expectations when selecting who will manage the logistics on each project. PHM has completed 30 ground up hotel development projects, as well as several brand conversion projects since 1997. PHM Purchasing and JMC Global have also successfully partnered in over 20 projects to date.

JMC Global is a licensed freight forwarder, highly recognized for providing world class customer service with innovative patented freight management systems. Their services include international and domestic logistics services, airfreight, trucking, warehousing, installation, and customs clearance services to commercial clients and other oversees suppliers in the industry. Additionally, JMC Global is also working with leading suppliers, contracted to do business in the Middle East, Guam, China, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe and Russia. JMC Global employs a worldwide network of experienced, industry savvy professionals.

JMC Global is well known for their concierge logistics, customer focused approach and innovative shipping techniques which set them apart from industry competitors. The key to JMC Global’s concierge logistics includes focusing on creative solutions so that cargo is moved based on their customer’s inherent and real-time needs. It also includes dominating the details from start to finish, from the PO’s, vendors, carriers, shipments, deliveries, warehousing, and installation, within a precise budget and an absolute timeframe. “We continuously strive to innovate, improve, and excel with each and every project. We only consider ourselves successful when our customers are beyond pleased with our ability to manage the project”, adds Linda Crawley, CEO. As an elite customer service provider in the industry, JMC Global continues to supersede the customer experience.

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